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Finding A Good Fellowship

Every individual’s desire and intention is to belong to a church where they are growing and satisfied. Many people have looked for new churches at some point in their lives. Some have been able to find sanctuaries which they can call a home while others have taken so much time to identify where they can fellowship.

Continue searching for a better place to call a fellowship if you clearly observer that where you are do not give proper teaching which is in accordance to the bible teaching. Harsh punishment shall be given to the individuals who have manipulated the true meaning of scripture in order to gain.
Below are some of the factors you can consider when looking for a church where you can fellowship.

Look out for a worship fellowship that will also motivate you to worship. Sitting in a church or singing good songs is not what worship is all about. Through all your life, the fellowship or church that you decide to join must always connect you to God.

Another factor that you may consider when identifying a place of worship is whether the church reaches out. How the church views reaching out to the lost is very important. The primary calling of the church is to share the good news to the people who have not known Christ. Every Christian church must therefore be on the forefront in preaching the gospel.

Consider selecting a church with leaders who are well trained and have proper biblical qualifications.
When selecting a church, ask whether the church teachings are informed from the world of god. The scripture should be the basis for the faith preached by the church. Care must be taken when selecting a church so that you don’t end up joining a movement that has interpreted scripture its own ways. Different churches with different teachings have come up hence the need to be more careful.

A church that you select and decide to fellowship in must be in agreement with what is your deep believe. Consult your mind for reasonable time before you choose to stick with one church that is fulfilling and gives peace to your heart.

When settling on a church to fellowship, ask yourself whether the bible is faithfully preached week after week. Before choosing the church, it is advisable to cast all doubts on whether the church shall be a place where your loved ones shall attend.

When choosing a church, check whether there is any way that you can get involved in leading and impacting lives.

You have to also invest in a church for it to be good.

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